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Negeri Sembilan
- Seremban, Senawang, Port Dickson, Tampin, Bahau, Kuala Pilah,
Pedas Linggi, Rembau, Gemas.

- Muar, Tangkak, Segamat, Batu Pahat, Kluang, Simpang Renggam, Pagoh,
Johor Bahru.

Perak dan Kedah
(Khas untuk Mobilisation, Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation sahaja)


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Qaseh Nursing Care (QNC) was founded on the basis of improving and sustaining the quality of life for the sick, disabled, elderly and new mothers in the comfort and familiarity of the patientís home environment.

It is one of the Malaysiaís fully-integrated mobile nursing service provider, with a team of professional nurses to provide a complete range of nursing services. This includes medical care, general nursing, disease and wound management as well as physiotherapy, rehabilitation, consultancy and guidance.

Over the years, QNC has built a strong, dedicated and compassionate team of nursing professionals to provide not only the needed nursing services, but also knowledge and emotional support to assist and guide patientsí families.

We also offer 24-hour on-call nursing services and consultancy. With the 24/7 supervision of QNCís qualified nurses, patients reduce the risk of relapsing or deteriorating during post-hospitalisation.





For post-hospitalisation care, we provide a variety of medical nursing services as ordered by the doctor or surgeon to help patients cope and recover effectively.

  • Geriatric Care.

  • Paediatric Care.

  • Simple and complex bandaging.

  • Care and dressing of intravenous catheter.

  • Enteral feeding through intravenous catheter.

  • Urethral catheterisation.

  • Care and maintenance of drainages.

  • Ryleís tube insertion and change.

  • Enteral feeding via Ryleís tube.

  • Enteral feeding via PEG.

  • Care and dressing of suprapubic tubes.

  • Enema.

  • Fluid balance control.

  • Intravenous/ subcutaneous infusion.

  • Stoma care

  • ETT/ mouth/ nose suction.

  • Chest physio.

  • IM/SC injection.

  • IV/ Blood extraction injection.



We provide various nursing services for clients who need professional support in the care and management of a patient at home, regardless of age and illness.

  • Feeding and dietary supervision.

  • Bathing and personal grooming.

  • Personal space cleanliness.

  • Hygiene management and lavatory usage.



Through proper supervision and control in the management of diseases and wounds, we help our patients to recover while coping with their illness or injury.

With our help, the families of patients can also continue their lives with confidence and peace of mind that their loved ones are receiving proper care at all times.

  • Blood pressure measurement and supervision.

  • Blood glucose test.

  • Urine glucose test.

  • Administration and dispensation of medication and antibiotics.

  • Decubitus (bedsore) management.

  • Simple and complex wound management.

  • Administration and management of Maggot Debridement Therapy (MDT).

  • Temperature Measurement and Monitoring.

  • In-house diabetic wound treatment.




Whether the patient is recovering from an operation, an accident or a condition, our highly-experienced therapists will help the patient regain strength, flexibility, self-confidence and motor skills as required.

They have the dedication and sensitivity to assist recovery with dignity in the privacy and convenience of the patientís home. We offer a multitude of rehabilitation services in the following areas:

  • Manual lymphatic drainage massage.

  • Physiotherapy.

  • Integrated mobilisation programme.

  • Individual mobilisation service.




We offer a multitude of supplementary and minor services to assist patients in every way and to allow them to enjoy more peace of mind:

  • 24-hour respite care (covering all forms of general and professional nursing services).

  • Installation and supervision of medical equipment and appliances.

  • Laboratory blood test.

  • Laboratory urine test.

  • Hospital admission and discharge coordination.

  • Nursing home admission and discharge coordination.

  • Private nursing care during hospitalisation.

  • Arrangement of medical insurance and other services.

  • Oxygen Therapy for Homecare



So that patients donít have to invest in expensive equipment that they only need temporarily, we maintain a limited stock of nursing care equipment for rent. Feel free to talk to our nurses about your requirements.

The equipment we rent includes:

  • Bed
  • Drip
  • Walking Frame
  • Wheel Chair
  • Nebulizer
  • Oxygen concentrator
  • Suction machine
  • Oxygen therapy set for homecare
  • And more




We understand the stress of finding a home health care professional that can meet your requirements. With us, you can put your mind to rest, as we will take care of everything for you. From the moment you place a call, our Nursing Manager will meet with the patient for an initial nursing assessment. After which, the type and level of services will be determined and tailored for the particular patient.

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